CO2 - From problem to valuable raw material

We remove 99.9% of CO2 and other pollutants from exhaust gases and convert them into valuable raw materials

We offer the most sustainable and economic CO2 utilisation solution in the world today

EMISSION CO2NTROL TM is our fully patented  process capable of removing 99.9% of COand other pollutants from exhaust gases and converting them into the  valuable raw materials with a wide range of uses.  In principle it can be used on any source of exhaust gas from biogas CHPs to large industrial sources such as cement, steel and chemical plants.

Helping solve the
climate crisis

By ensuring that exhaust gas emissions are up to 99.9% free from COand other pollutants.

Helping solve the
energy crisis

By utilising high energy by-products on site or as raw materials for conversion into sustainable, green synthetic fuels.

„We are driven by the desire to create a greener future for our children and grandchildren.“

Leo van Bree
CEO of Biogas-Fond GmbH

Return from raw material sales

Option to use energy again on site

Reduced carbon costs – carbon levies, SCR systems, AdBlue, filters and catalytic converters

Secondary raw materials as inputs

Direct CO2 utilisation after capture