We have developed EMISSION CO2NTROL TM the patented process at the heart of our technology. It removes 99.9% of CO2 and other pollutants from exhaust gases. In principle it can be fitted to any source of exhaust gas. Process outputs enable the full utilisation of the removed CO2.

Our unique, highly effective and energy efficient process is entirely designed around the conversion of problematic exhaust gases into valuable raw materials – carbon capture and utilisation (CCU).  Biogas combined heat and power units (CHPs) as well as large industrial sources of exhaust gas pollution such as cement, steel and chemical plants are target customers.

The demonstration plant, which has been running continuously since March 2022, is operated at a biogas plant with a CHP unit due to the good contacts in the biogas sector and the good scalability. The plant delivers consistently good measurement results, which are confirmed by independent testing institutes.

CO2-free emissions

Valuable output raw materials

New energy sources

Example - Use on a biogas-fueled CHP unit:

Step 1

Microwave irradiation: Untreated gas is irradiated and the molecules destabilised

Step 2

Chemical process: Exhaust gases contain carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and sulphur oxides (SOx). A molecular reorganisation takes place when the gas is in contact with an operating medium comprising organic and inorganic elements including catalysts.

Step 3

Separation of output raw materials: At the end of the process, high caloric output raw materials such as carbon and hydrocarbons are separated. These can be processed into a wide range of sustainable derivatives including green fuels, carbon black and organic fertiliser. No waste remains.

Long term measurements confirm that EMISSION CO2NTROL TM electrical energy.  This is far less electrical energy than alternative technologies.

Demonstration Unit

The first demonstration unit was installed at a biogas plant in Bavaria in March 2022.  Since then it has been running continuously and exceeding all technical expectations.

EMISSION CO2NTROL TM offers the world’s most sustainable and economical solution for utilising CO2 and other pollutants.