European Parliament invited us to Brussels

The EU Parliament organized the Renew Europe Business Days. Three start-ups from Europe were invited, including a company from Noerdlingen. This is the conclusion drawn by the Biogas-Fond team:

This summer, the European Parliament in Brussels invited European companies to panel discussions and round-table discussions as part of the Renew Europe Business Days. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), were able to provide answers to the question of how the EU can better support SMEs. Leo van Bree, Managing Director of the start-up Biogas-Fond from Noerdlingen, thus had the opportunity to present the challenges of his company in this area.

Biogas-Fond is politically networked

Among those politically interested in the start-up were Ulrike Müller MEP. She had visited the start-up at the end of March at the TCW in Noerdlingen. After visiting the demonstration system, which according to the start-up removes up to 99.9 percent CO2 and other pollutants, she was impressed by the climate solution.  Since then, she has been in active contact with the company and initiated, among other things, the participation of Leo van Bree in the Renew Europe Business Days in Brussels. The background of the event was to strengthen contact and exchange with citizens and companies, to reduce bureaucracy and to better understand and address the difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as start-ups.

This is how Biogas-Fond assesses the visit to the EU

In total, only three start-ups from Greece, Bulgaria and Germany were invited to this event. In the panel discussion, Leo van Bree pointed out that Biogas-Fond as a young company has not yet received support from potential federal and EU donors: “For a small company such as Biogas-Fond, it is hardly possible to obtain EU financial funds to advance series production and thus the solution of the climate problem faster, although there is more than enough money available for such purposes. You are referred to a homepage by the responsible experts and then have to click through a jungle of various grant programs yourself to find out the right one.”